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The former cyclist at the Grand Tetons

my world and WELCOME TO it.

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As my dead friend, er, my dear friend Bob Hind once said,
“…and welcome, dear friends, to the wonderful world of snails and adventure as we board The Golden Hind.”
Jump on deck.
This is the humble website of one Timothy Earl Osburn. Forgive him.
He’s  just an old fart trying to achieve some semblance of immortality (ha!)
What you see and read (and maybe hear) here will change your life forever! Here, here!

If you came in expecting The Firesign Theatre, please see
The Real Ralphfor an explanation.

If you like reading what amounts to an autobiography (if he were truthful he would say the follies of a somewhat deluded, narcissistic pain-in-the-ass), do carry on!

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