The End of Constitutional Rule

(Written in 2007, most of this still resonates today, alarmingly more so. Scary, isn't it?)

In my view, the United States is heading down the path that so many other countries throughout history have, which is to say the path to the dissolution of our constitutional form of government. This can be directly attributed to our present administration which, since 9-11, has slowly but surely eroded nearly every concept we hold as sacred in our society.

We are no longer the beacon of freedom and righteousness that were our hallmarks until the post WWII era and it is only getting worse. Countries and people around the world that held us in great esteem now look down on us as the imperialist aggressors we have become under Bush2. There is only slightly over a year to go in GW’s “reign”, but a lot can happen in that short space of time: evidence the saber-rattling on Iran.

We are in a “war on terrorism”, a heinously ill-defined term that smacks of other endless and hopeless “wars” the US has engaged in, for example, the wars on drugs, crime, poverty, et al. Unfortunately, American lives and wealth are being destroyed in this very real war. Under the Bush administration’s definition of the a war on terror, it is becoming a perpetual war, without end, against ever increasing numbers of “enemies”. We cannot win. It will only spread more hatred and violence among those who wish to see us fill and hasten that fall, rather than prevent it.

Then there is a marked loss of democracy and Constitutional rights, as seen with the advent of the Patriot Act and other measures. The Presidency is seemingly steam-rolling over the wishes of Congress, changing from an equal branch of our three-tier government to a kind of imperial arbiter of what they deem is good for the country.

The substitution of propaganda and lies for truth is another ominous sign. We were deceived into starting a war that has little bearing on our true enemies and, again, has served only to breed contempt for our country. The glorification of war as a righteous tool for America to use at any whim and the growing power of the White House to wield that tool without democratic consensus should send chills up and down our collective spine.

Finally, the last step in our country’s demise will be the bankrupting of America. At a cost of over one trillion dollars, we are just about there already. This equates to over $20,000 of debt for every man, woman and child in the US. How does any rational person think we can sustain this spending any longer? We can’t, and it will sound the death knell for America faster than Al Quaida ever dreamed of.

We must get out of Iraq immediately and, for crying out loud, LEARN something from this debacle. We are not the world’s policeman, only it’s bully. We need to stay out of other countries business and concentrate on us. We have enough domestic problems of our own and we could take care of them with one trillion dollars.

We cannot abide religious intolerance. I feel, as many philosophers and religious scholars throughout history have, that a person’s belief is strictly between them and their God, whatever form that may be.

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