Freeze Your Bus Off 2014

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This is really ignorant!

Six intrepid (read stupid) members began the new camping year in style with Freeze Your Bus Off. It lived up to it’s name. It was cold.

Held January 3-5, 2014 at Watkins Mill State Park, between Excelsior Springs and Kearney, Missouri. Did I say it was cold?

My brother Dave and I arrived in Tullio (my Westy) on Saturday morning (couldn’t make Friday night). The instigator Jeff Adams, George in the RAM pickup and the gent with the hippy decorated Vanagon (I’m sorry, I can’t remember his name!).and Jason George in his Squareback were on board.

We promptly set up a full camp, Easy-Up, chuck wagon, folding chairs, coolers, everything. It was a little cold. Turns out we didn’t need ice!

Chili was prepared and one of the fellows actually brought a TV so we could watch the Chiefs debacle that afternoon al fresco! During the game, the temperature dropped precipitously from what started out as above freezing to the teens. That’s cold!

After the Chiefs lost and after our shared chili dinner (and after my feet began their customary freeze), we hied ourselves to the relative comfort of The Bus. It was, like, really cold. Fortunately, there were electric hook-ups, so we plugged our trusty space heater in and ran that sucker on high all night.

In the morning, there was about three inches of fresh snow. The thermometer I left outside on the picnic table read 0 degrees. That’s colder than a well-digger’s hind end. It was mutually decided amongst all present that we would forgo any attempt at making a breakfast, but would, instead, head for McDonald’s in Excelsior. A very quick breakdown of camp occurred and, after pulling Jeff’s balky Bus to get the motor started, we were off.

The wind was drifting the snow across 92 Highway, making driving extremely treacherous, but we made it to Mac & Don’s. Once inside, filled with breakfast and hot coffee, we all departed, going our separate ways, but marveling at the manly adventure we had participated in and vowing to return next year. Maybe it won’t be so cold…

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