November 18, 2016

I joined millions of voters saddened on that Wednesday morning when I heard the results. I immediately took to Facebook to assuage my pain and suffering. But when the gloating and virtual high-fiving from my conservative friends began, it was too much. I am a well-off, older white guy. I felt a crushing sense of not being included in my own country. I had visions of goose-stepping, brown-shirted White Nationalists coming to my door to remove me for "retraining".

While this was a dream scenario, the hatred and boasting I have seen coming from the right is not. I decided to disengage from Facebook. But I found I cannot retreat into a shell, nor do I want to.

Every day, new appointments are being planned by Mr. Trump. It reads like a nightmare.

Those who warned of dark days ahead under a Trump Presidency are finding it coming true, especially if you are not white, rich and/or a Christian evangelical.

As I become more cynical and less optimistic, I recall the words of Mose Allison, who just passed this week: "I don't worry 'bout a thing, 'cause I know nothin's gonna be all right.". We're doomed.

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