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The review I wrote below was published in The Star on October 22, 2006. I only saw Frank Zappa in concert on one occasion, in 1974 at the venerable Kansas City concert hall, Cowtown Ballroom. I have seen his son, Dweezil, perform on many occasions. The document (my transcribed score) above is signed by both The Maestro himself and his son. Zappa died in December, 1993.

Review of Zappa Plays Zappa

I attended the sold out Zappa Plays Zappa concert at the Ameristar on October 19th and was so impressed with the ensemble I nearly wet myself. Zappa’s music is incredibly difficult to play (I have examined scores of his music) but the cast of young players were consummate musicians, the equal of any orchestral players anywhere.

Frank Zappa, like it or not, is already firmly ensconced in the pantheon of avant-garde composers, with his music (it ain’t just rock!) having been performed and admired by no less an iconic figure than the world-renowned composer/conductor Pierre Boulez and others in the classical community.

His son, Dweezil, has done his father proud by carrying on the great live performance tradition of Frank’s amazingly difficult and diverse oeuvre.

By the way, I’m 54 years old and this was the first “rock concert” I had attended since 1983, when I gave up on the integrity of popular music. I was, Frankly, amazed.

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